• Immediate Support: Get Immediate Relief, Long Term Financial Recovery

    Don’t let debt ruin your life if we can help you to become debt free and on a path to financial freedom today! There are so many people who call our office after struggling for months or even years to try to get their financial lives in order. They could often resolve such issues in a matter of just weeks and start the path forward!

    Stop Abuse
    (End calls from Debt Collectors)

    Stop those harassing phone calls from debt collectors by using the Federal Law. Let us help you regain peace of mind by reining in abusive debt collectors.

    Get Out Of Debt
    (I need help with credit card debt)

    Bankruptcy can help wipe out Credit Card Debt, Medical bills, utility bills, payday loans and personal loans too. If you are suffering from overwhelming debt, we can get you back on your feet.

    (I am facing a foreclosure)

    Are you being threatened with foreclosure? It is not too late to save your home. We provide emergency relief if you need it, and we can help you stop your foreclosure for good!

    (I am facing a repossession)

    Keep Your Vehicle With Our Help. If you have fallen behind on your vehicle payment, most loan companies could care less about your personal problems.

    (Eliminate IRS Liens)

    Do you IRS Tax Liens against you? We can help wipe out those liens and stop the wage garnishment! Don’t let the IRS take more of your hard earned money than they have to!

    Wage Garnishment
    (Don't be a victim of Garnishment)

    When creditors start taking a bite of money directly out of your paycheck, it becomes difficult to keep up with life. Stop suffering and get help today.

    Bankruptcy Myths
    (Find out the truth about Bankruptcy)

    There is a great deal of misinformation about what bankruptcy is really all about. Just because there is information on the internet, it does not mean that the information is accurate or correct.

    Learn About Bankruptcy
    (Get the answers you need)

    Learn about bankruptcy and your options from the Law Offices of Bonnie L. Johnson, a personal bankruptcy firm with more than 25 years of experience in the business.

  • Personalized Attorney Attention to Detail on Your Bankruptcy Case
    Whether it’s too much debt, trouble with your mortgage or credit cards, wrong information on your credit report, or you are being harassed by debt collectors — whatever your debt or credit problem, you have found the Dallas Bankruptcy Attorneys who can answer your questions and help get you back on the right track.

    Johnson Bankruptcy Law handles consumer credit issues in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We want to be your go to attorneys for bankruptcy, debt settlement, credit report problems, disputes with your mortgage company, stopping debt collection harassment, and other consumer credit disputes.

    We pride ourselves on the personal attention we devote to each client’s concerns. Your initial consultation with the firm will be with an attorney, usually at no charge. You will have one or two Dallas Bankruptcy Attorneys in charge of your case, and a whole legal team available to assist. Call us. We are here for you.

    Your attorney here at BLJLaw.com is ready to help you with the kind of personal attention that is uniquely tailored to your personal financial situation. This means that we need to take the time to understand your problems.
    Personalized Attorney Attention to Detail on Your Bankruptcy Case Whether it’s too much debt, trouble with your mortgage or credit cards, wrong information on your credit report, or you are being harassed by debt collectors — whatever your debt or credit problem, you have found the Dallas Bankruptcy Attorneys who can answer your questions and help get you back on the right track.

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      Do you have too much debt? Are you trying to save your home or vehicle from repossession? Will bankruptcy help you? What is the cost and how long will it take? Are you eligible to file for bankruptcy? Having 30+ years as bankruptcy attorney I will answer all of your questions. I know that you did not plan on filing bankruptcy, no one does. No one plans for a lay off, illness, divorce, or the other usual causes of financial distress. You want help, not a handout or a free pass. At our initial consultation, we will give you a complete financial check up and help you begin to plan your way back to financial prosperity. Bankruptcy may be the right step for you. Let’s talk today. Call us now for a free consultation with a Dallas bankruptcy lawyer.


      Chapter 7 bankruptcy is used by those who are trying to discharge great debt - credit card, medical, or other unsecured debt. Most of this Debt can be discharged within 4 to 6 months and keep your home and car with a fresh start. This type of bankruptcy is a good option to consider when you have no hopes of paying off your credit cards, medical bills, and payday loans reasonably and you have very low income or even no income. Chapter 7 bankruptcy consist of two basic parts: (1) selling your property to pay off what you can and (2)eliminating the rest of your unsecured debt like credit cards, medical bills, and payday loans. An experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney, Johnson Bankruptcy Law, can help you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.


      Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a three to five year repayment and reorganization plan for your debt. When you complete the requirements of your bankruptcy, paying the required amount, any remaining unpaid debt is discharged in most cases. Chapter 13 allows you to catch up on past due house payments, taxes, child support, and car payments. And, you keep all of your property as long as you are making the payments, without threats of repossession or foreclosure every month. So, many people file Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop foreclosure, stop repossession, stop garnishments, and generally to stop creditors from trying to collect on the debt. If you are suffering from debt problems, facing foreclosure or repossession, contact the Dallas Bankruptcy Attorneys at Johnson Bankruptcy Law. Call us now.


      Is your house being foreclosed on? If you are in danger of losing your home, it is time you seek help from an experienced foreclosure attorney in your area to fight on your behalf! Johnson Bankruptcy Law offers local representation, and it is our goal to guide you through stopping your foreclosure with information that allows you to take advantage of the powerful protection that the Federal Law has to offer. We pride ourselves in giving personalized attention to each and every client throughout their case. If you have questions, we will always have an answer. Since 1984, we have been helping people stop their foreclosure.


      Your credit is BAD due to not paid your bills. There are no get quick “Good Credit” scams that work. There are ways to improve one’s credit score. Bankruptcy may be a solution to move you in the right direction. Find out today and give us a call.


      Bad things can happen to good people. An unexpected medical crisis can cost you thousands of dollars. Being out of work with not enough insurance to cover your expenses can cause your debts to spiral out of control quickly. Your recovery shouldn’t be hampered by debt collectors calling. Find out how bankruptcy can help you clear your medical debts. Let the Dallas bankruptcy attorneys at Johnson Bankruptcy Law help you through these hard times.


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